Mountain Man or Frontier style .

The first a large Camp knife I made from a very large old Butchers cleaver , A vinegar and mustard etch on high carbon steel with Bocote Mexican rosewood , copper/brass Loveless bolts, leather lanyard and wooden skull beads .

a ‘Pimped’ Svord Peasant etched high carbon steel Friction folder with sun bleached stag antler scales .

A pair of cut down old Victorian Sheffield made butchers knives with mustard etch transformed into a Nessmuk  and Wharncliffe patterns , handles are red deer Stag Antler from the Herd I used to look after , with Antiqued hammered copper nails and lanyard tubes .

A pair of ferric chloride etched ‘Shivs’ made from very old wrought Iron found on my local beach in Devon . natural sinew braided into 3 strands and dyed forms a basic but effective grip .

and lastly a forged 01 tool steel blade made by My good friend Bones61 on the British blades knifemaking forum

I etched the blade in a concentrated copper ferric chloride solution which attached copper to the high carbon steel  , again wrapped in dyed natural sinew for a basic grip .